Coroto Vintage Design Berlin Mid-Century

In our curated selection of Scandinavian Mid-Century modern design items, we show designs that were created during what is today considered of the golden age of scandinavian furniture design dating roughly from the 1940s to the end of the 1960s.  The ongoing popularity and fascination of these designs can be explained by their timeless quality, the simplistic beauty of their clean lines and organic forms, their durability, utility, and character.

MidCentury design in Berlin can be found at our showroom at Strausberger Platz 8, where we show pieces from such designers as Hans Wegner, Finn Juhl, Arne Jacobsen, Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist, Peter Hvidt, Johannes Andersen and Illum Wikkelsø. Our collection includes Danish mid-century modern teak and rosewood dining chairs, lounge and easy chairs, sofas, coffee tables, sideboards, aswell as vintage scandinavian midcentury modern lighting objects by companies like Fog & Mørup, Soholm and Nils Kähler. We also carry a selection of glass and ceramic objects by companies like Holmegaard, Knabstrup ceramics and Royal Copenhagen.


Teak double bed with Cane headboard by Hans Wegner


Pair of Tall Iron and Glass table lamps by Svend Aage Holm Sorensen

Model 50 Chair by Illum Wikkelsø in Teddy Fur


Danish Mid-Century Modern Teak tripod coffee table from BC Mobler
Teak tripod coffee table from BC Mobler




Model GE 375 Easy Chair by Hans J. Wegner for GETAMA

Tall Mid-Century Modern Ceramic table Lamp by Einar Johansen for Soholm

Tall table lamps model 1023 by Einar Johansen for Søholm


Pair of Royal 7 Tenera table lamps by Ingelise Kofoed for Fog & Mørup

'Large Adam' reupholstered lounge chair with ottoman by Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist

‘Large Adam’ Reupholstered lounge chair with ottoman by Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist


Extendable coffee table by Johannes Andersen

Reupholstered Danish Mid-Century Modern reclining chair designed by H.W. Klein
Reupholstered reclining chair designed by Henry Walter Klein



Arne Jacobsen Series 3300 leather armchair by Fritz Hansen



Illum Wikkelso Schrank
Teak cabinet by Illum Wikkelsø for Soren Willadsen